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Federal Administrative Law Research Guide: Journal Articles

Resources for researching federal Administrative Law.


HeinOnline Journals

  Administrative Law Journal of the American University (1987-1996)  [on HeinOnline]

javascript:void(0)  Administrative Law Review (ABA) [On HeinOnline]

  Administrative & Regulatory Law News [On HeinOnline]

  Developments in Administrative Law & Regulatory Practice [On HeinOnline]

  Journal of the National Association of Administrative Law Judiciary [On HeinOnline]

  Texas Tech Administrative Law Journal [On HeinOnline]

Lexis Advance Journals
(Log into Lexis and click "Browse Sources" on the top right-hand corner above the search box)

  • Administrative Law Journal
  • Administrative Law Review (ABA)
  • Administrative Law - Emerging Issues
  • Journal of The National Association of Administrative Law Judiciary

Westlaw Journals
(Log into Westlaw and narrow by Secondary Sources, then by Law Review & Journals amd search by the keyword Administrative)

  • Administrative Law Journals of the American University
  • Administrative Law Review

Finding Journal Articles

Law Journal Articles
Finding a journal article discussing the area of law about which you plan to write is a great way to start your research or to solidify an important point in your paper. While Westlaw, HeinOnline, and Lexis allow full-text searches of their law review databases, it's often helpful to search an index first to tailor your search to articles specifically on your topic. LegalTrac and the Index to Legal Periodicals and Books are great for this purpose.

What to Do After Finding An Article In An Index Or Bibliography
If you have found an article in an index or mentioned in a bibliography, and would like to know where you can access a full-text version, start with the Law Library's E-Journal Finder. You can also search for the article or journal title in the library catalog, which will indicate whether the article is available in our print collection or in any of our online databases.

Non-Law Journal Articles
If you're researching an interdisciplinary topic, check our databases of non-law academic journals for articles related to your topic. If the full text of the article is not available, you can request it through interlibrary loan.