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Federal Administrative Law Research Guide: Keeping Current

Resources for researching federal Administrative Law.

Blog Engines

These blog search engines can help you find topical blogs:

Westlaw Next Blogs


Authored by both professionals and lay people, blogs can help to find information about current topics. The blogs below deal with Federal Administrative Law topics:

"Affiliated with the Penn Program on Regulation and housed at the University of Pennsylvania School of Law, RegBlog is the online source of regulatory news, analysis, and opinion. Staffed by students from multiple schools at the University of Pennsylvania, RegBlog features work contributed by staff members, scholars, practitioners, and others interested in regulatory developments." (Regblog: About)


Legal News

Both Lexis and Westlaw have a good selection of U.S. newspapers, where you can read about current legal issues.

  • Lexis Advance has the News and Legal News database, which you can access by clicking the tab "All Content Type" on the main page, and selecting "Legal News", and/or "News".
  • You can also look at the Westlaw Next News database.
  • Findlaw News covers legal articles written by the Associated Press.


ABA Administrative & Regulatory Law News

Bloomberg BNA Email Alerts: Hastings students, staff and faculty can login to this page to receive weekly email updates directly from BNA for many different topics.