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Chinese Law Research Guide: Books & Articles

Resources for researching Chinese law.

Finding Books

If you can find a few good books covering your topic, it can make your research much easier.
  • Hastings has a good collection of books on Chinese law.
  • You can also search the sources below and then borrow books through inter-library loan.
To find books at Hastings use the Hastings Catalog.  
  • Do a quick search to find books at Hastings and articles available through HeinOnline.
  • Use the advanced search feature for more complex title, author and subject searching.

Browsing for Books:

If you find a book that looks interesting, and you are not on campus, click on the call number to browse titles on the shelf nearby. Of course, if you are on campus, browsing the shelves is a great way to find relevant books. Most of the Chinese Law books are on the 5th floor in the KNN & KNQ call number ranges.

Borrow Books through Interlibrary Loan:

Use Inter Library Loan to locate a wider selection of available books. 

  • Search WorldCat to see if other libraries have books you can borrow through inter-library loan.
  • Once you find a book on your topic in WorldCat, click on blue "Request Item" link in the middle of the page.

Google Books:

Use Google Books to search a wide variety of books. You may have an option to view the contents of the book, but often online access is very limited.

Finding Articles

Locate the Journals Hastings Subscribes to in Print and Online:

Articles in Lexis, Westlaw, LSN & HeinOnline:

Sometimes law review articles can be one of the best places to find current research on your topic. Good sources for law journal articles include:

Although these is a lot of overlap on Lexis and Westlaw, you will find some articles unique to one database or the other. By searching both Lexis and Westlaw you will cover most of the law review articles written since the mid- 1990s. If you have a citation to an law review article that is not on Westlaw or Lexis (and is older than the last year or two), you will probably be able to print a PDF version of the article from HeinOnline . For working papers, unpublished research, and recently published articles the Legal Scholarship Network is a good resource.

HeinOnline includes full-text journals such as:

Chinese Law Journals:

To find the list of the Chinese law journals available in print at Hastings, follow this link to a subject search of Law -- China -- Periodicals in the UC Hastings catalog. 

List of English Language Chinese Legal Journals provided by George Washington University Law School, with links to the publisher's websites.

Search Legal Periodical Indexes:

If you are having difficulty finding relevant articles, you can search the following periodical indexes. These searches are only for the title or abstract of the article, these are NOT FULL-TEXT searches.

Advantages to Index Searching:

  • Unlike Lexis and Westlaw full-text law review databases, legal periodical indexes allow you to search nearly all U.S. law review articles from 1918 to present. Therefore, one advantage to searching these indexes is that it allows you to search more journal articles.
  • Another advantage is that index searching can help you eliminate many irrelevant articles from your full-text search results. But after you find the citation, you then need to find the full-text.

Disadvantages to Index Searching:

  • After you find the citation, you still need to find the full-text.
  • Your search is limited to title and abstract.

Once you find a citation to an article, search for the full-text in the Hastings Law Library's e-journal finder. You can also search for the journal title in the Library Catalog, LexisNexis, or HeinOnline.

San Francisco Public Libray:

If an article you have found is not in one of the online resources at Hastings, you may want to search the online databases collection at the San Francisco Public Library. Any resident of California may apply for a SFPL Library card to get online full-text access.

Interlibrary Loan --- Articles
If you are unable to find the article you need using UC Hastings and SFPL resources, you can search for articles using WorldCat.

  • Search for the article by title, author or keyword
  • Limit search results to "Articles" using the filter boxes on the left
  • Click on the article title
  • Then click the blue "Request Item" button in the middle of the page.

Google Scholar:

You can search a large number of law and social science journals using Google Scholar . Oftentimes, you can get access to the full-text, but not always.