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Chinese Law Research Guide: Westlaw

Resources for researching Chinese law.

Westlaw China

WestlawChina  offers extensive bilingual coverage of: PRC laws / State Council administrative regulations, rules and orders / Local regulations and rules from various municipalities and provinces / Judicial interpretations from the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate / China’s WTO Accession Documentation.
  • Articles—Westlaw China currently includes more than 2,500 articles in English.
  • Case Headnote—Available in both Chinese and English. Case headnotes are linked to both the applicable legal issue and the full text judgment (only available in Chinese). Contains more than 4,500 case headnotes in English.
  • Current Awareness—Current Awareness content is updated several times a day with the latest legal and business news. Information is summarized from original sources each day including adopted legislation, books & journals, commentaries, courts and cases, government policies, law firm bulletins, news, proposed legislation and statistics. You can search by keyword or topic.  Current Awareness alerts are available. 
  • Journals & Books—Access to a very limited collection of articles and books,
  • Laws & Regulations—English translations of more than 20,000 important laws, regulations and international treaties.
  • Legal Topics—More than 7,000 documents are organized by legal topic using the West Key Number System to facilitate more effective legal research.
  • Model Contracts— Access more than 250 model contracts in English.
  • Practice Areas—Access content from the following fields: Competition Law, Energy, Labor and Social Security.
  • Legal Glossary—Database currently contains English translations of more than 6,500 Chinese legal terms and expressions.
  • Westlaw China (Chinese Language Database)—Contains a more extensive collection of the topics listed above.


The TWO BEST SOURCES of Chinese legal information on Westlaw are:

  1. International Materials
  2. Practical Law

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must go into each of these sections to search the content on Westlaw becuase the West global search box does not search these resources.

Go to the International Materials link to search or browse the best China law resources available in Westlaw.

International Materials > International Materials: Other > China 

The Practical Law resources on Westlaw offer a rich collection of up-to-date in-depth content including Practice Notes, Standard Documents and Clauses, Checklists, Toolkits, Legal Updates, Country-by-Country Legal Research Guidance, Country Comparison Tools, and Subject Specific Practice Resources.

There are several ways to locate Chinese legal resources in Practical Law:

  • Select Global Content > then Select Countries > then select China
  • Browse the Practical Law: China webpage.
    • Search by Topic such Commercial Contracts, Employment, and Free Trade Zones.
    • Search Resources such as Contract Clauses and Legislation.
  • Select the Country Q&A Comparison Tool
  • Select Global Guides > then select Practice Area and Guide > Results will be sorted by country and can be filtered by country.