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Criminal Law Concentration Research Guide: Finding a Topic

Finding Research Topics

For current legal issues and recent developments related to CRIMINAL LAW:

Bloomberg BNA
Weekly analyses, summaries and case reports for federal and state court and administrative cases. US Law Week selectively summarizes cases that establish new precedents, address new statutes, contribute to emerging legal doctrines, tackle current controversies, or further splits in the Circuits. Coverage: June 24, 1997 to Present
Timely, objective reporting on significant developments, trends, and emerging patterns in criminal law today. Published weekly.

White Collar Crime Report

Blogs that focus on Criminal Law:

1 Sentencing Law and Policy
2 White Collar Crime Prof Blog
3 CrimProf Blog
4 Lawrence Taylor’s DUI Blog
5 The Federal Criminal Appeals Blog
6 A Public Defender
7 Defending People
8 Crim Law
9 Crime & Consequences
10 The Wrongful Convictions Blog

SCOTUSBLOG follows US Supreme Court cases

Legal Newspapers:

American Lawyer Media

Westlaw Criminal Law Newsletters