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UC Hastings Law Library Catalog Search Tips: Using the "Cart"

This guide provides tips for searching the Library's Catalog (Encore) for books, and Catalog Plus for books and articles. It also explains some of the Catalog's "Advanced Search" features.

What is the "Cart?"

Adding items to your "cart" in Encore is a way to save search results during a search session.  The cart is a temporary holding place for items you wish to review later.  Placing items in your cart does NOT place a hold on them (in the case of items that are checked out), nor does it cause your items to be retrieved and held for pickup at the Circulation Desk.

How to Use the Cart

How to add an item to your cart:

If, while searching Encore, you see an item that you would like to review later, simply click on the small handbasket icon to the right of the item's bibliographic information, under "Additional actions":

How to view the titles in your cart:

While in Encore, click on "My Book Cart," in the upper right-hand side of your screen:

What can you do with the titles in your cart?

From the cart view screen, you can remove items from your cart, email the list to yourself or someone else, empty your cart completely, or add tags to the titles in your list:

NOTE: Once you log out of your Library account, or end your Encore search session (if you are not logged in to your Library account), your cart will empty.  Encore does not save cart items for future viewing, beyond the current session.