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UC Hastings Law Library Catalog Search Tips: Finding Journals

This guide provides tips for searching the Library's Catalog (Encore) for books, and Catalog Plus for books and articles. It also explains some of the Catalog's "Advanced Search" features.

Finding Journals in Encore

If you have a citation to a particular journal article, and are trying to find a copy of the article via the UC Hastings law Library, you should first check Encore, to see if the Library has access to that journal.  You could start by running a title search from Encore's main search page:

If you see your journal listed, and if we have online access to that journal, you can then click on the online link, and search the publication for your article, using your citation information:

If we do not have online access to a journal, but we do own it in print, you will not see an online link for that journal.  For example, the Library does not have online access to the Harvard Business Review, only print access, and so the Catalog record would look like this:

In this instance, you would need to click on the journal title in the Catalog record, in order to get the call number, location information, Library holding information, etc.

Searching "eJournals"

If you do not find your desired journal in Encore, you should also check the Library's "eJournals" page; this page can be accessed from the Library's home page; simply input the journal's title and hit enter:

From here, you can click on the online link provided, and search the publication for your article, using your citation information:

Searching CatalogPlus for Journal Articles

Before trying any of the steps above, you could also begin by simply entering your article title, rather than the journal title information, in Encore's CatalogPlus tab.  For example, if you had the citation David S. Han, Rethinking Speech-Tort Remedies, 2014 Wis. L. Rev. 1135, you could search for the article title, from the CatalogPlus tab:

And here is the article:

NOTE: While you may find the article you need by searching within the "CatalogPlus" tab, you should not rely on it as a complete repository of articles available through the Library's databases; most journal articles otherwise available to you through Hastings' electronic databases are not going to show up in a CatalogPlus search.  You should always check the journal title in both Encore and the eJournals database, if you do not find your article in CatalogPlus.

For further information regarding the CatalogPlus tab, please see the "Using the CatalogPlus Tab" portion of this guide.