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Legal Research: Free Resources: Low-Cost Databases

This guide identifies free and low-cost resources that will help you with your legal research needs for Federal, state, foreign, and multidisciplinary materials.

Low-Cost Databases

Another option you may choose is subscribing to a lower-cost legal research service such as VersusLaw, Loislaw, FastCase and PACER. 

Access to the various contents of these databases may depend on the plan type to which you subscribe.

  • Federal and State cases
  • State source materials
  • Federal specialty practice courts
  • Current versions of the U.S. Code and Code of Federal Regulations.


  • Primary Law
  • Forms
  • Aspen Treatise Library

  • Primary law from all 50 states
  • Federal coverage starting at 1st volume
  • Newspaper archive
  • Legal forms
  • PACER search of federal filings


  • Federal Dockets
  • 10 cents per page, based on number of pages that result from each search
  • 30-page cap for documents and case-specific reports (e.g., docket report, creditor listing, claims register).
  • Fees are waived when usage is less than $15 for the quarter
  • May not have historical coverage