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Japanese Law Research Guide: Other Online Sources of Law

Resources for researching Japanese legal issues and topics.

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Legal Information Online: Government Resources

Japanese Government Online

National Diet of Japan (Japan's Legislative Branch)

Executive Branch

Judicial Branch & Selected Legislation

The Cabinet Office

Selected Government Documents: Many Japanese government agencies issue official white papers summarizing key policies, laws and legislation.  The websites listed below link to some of these documents:

Other Resources

Sources of Japanese Law: General Sources, Cases, and Legislation

General Sources of Japanese Law:

Supreme Court of Japan maintains:

Ministry of Justice maintains:

Cabinet Legislation Bureau maintains:

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: The Ministry completed a five-year project to provide English translations of select Japanese legal documents.

The Asian Legal Information Institute (AsianLII) maintains databases of selected Japanese Legal Information including:

Nagoya University's Graduate School of Law provides access to Japanese laws and legislation:

The Martindale-Hubbell Japan Law Digest [PDF]

  • Provides good concise summaries of the laws of Japan. The Digest covers the main legal subjects and cites to the original legislation; it is only current to 2007 and is no longer being updated.
Collections of Laws in Print:  EHS law bulletin series, Japan 
  • KNX17.J32 (5th Stacks) (English translations of Japanese laws. Not current.)