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Social Enterprise Clinic Research Guide: The Research Process

This guide is designed to assist students in their research for the Social Enterprise clinic and in the law of social ventures in general.

The Research Process

Search the library catalogs

Recommended Keywords
“nonprofit” guide; “social enterprise”; “small business” guide; “small business” kit; law office; new business enterprises; technology (or business technology); entrepreneurs(hip)

Once you find a resource volume in the stacks:

  • Browse the table of contents (usually in the front of the first volume of a set)
  • Look up keywords in the index (usually found in the back of the volume, or in the very last volume of a set.) 

Dictionary of Legal Abbreviations

  • This reference tool assists you to decipher legal abbreviations you get from annotations.
  • In Print: Bieber’s Dictionary of Legal Abbreviations, 4th Floor Reading Room KF246 .B46 2009
  • Online: Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations
  • Look up your legal citation to identify the resource, then use the library catalog to find it in the library.

World Catalog

  • Worldcat will bring up items available in participating national and international libraries.
  • Access a record and enter your zipcode, and WorldCat will list all libraries that contain this item in the order of distance.
  • Worldcat will also alert you if the item is available at UC Hastings.
  • Sample search: New business enterprises