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Terrorism & the Law Research Guide: Books & Articles

This guide includes information about how to find books, articles, and websites that focus on the legal analysis of terrorism.

Searching for Books

Hastings has a strong collection of books covering all aspects of domestic and international terrorism & the law.  From the library webpage use the link to the Hastings law library catalog.

To do more advanced searches and to find books on your topic in other libraries consider using:

If you are looking for a topic (or trying to find resources on your topic) below is a sample list of the types of searches that might locate useful books in our library catalog. Following the links below will take you to a search for that subject heading in the UC Hastings Library Catalog.

You can also combine search terms in an Advanced Search. For example, the subject "prisoners of war" can be combined with the keyword "terrorism" to produce the search (prisoners of war) and (terrorism).
Other types of searches can be done such as various keyword searches:

Once you find a good book, you can click on the subject heading to find similar books on that topic.  For example:

Searching for Articles

One of your best resources will be scholarly articles on your topic.  While you may be able to find articles on your topic with simple Google searches, to do a comprehensive search for scholarly articles you should take advantage of the numerous specialized Online Subscription Databases available to Hastings students and faculty. 

The Online Subscription Databases listed below are some of the best for finding articles on various topics having to do with Terrorism & the Law: