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Library resources to help UC Hastings students succeed in law school.

Your guide to success in law school, from your first year through graduation

  • Study Aids
    Focus on the key cases, get important background information, get clear and concise statements of important points of law.
  • Legal Reasoning, Research, & Writing
    Understand how to approach legal problems, develop your research skills, and accelerate your understanding of the unique conventions of legal writing.
  • First-Year Law Student Success
    Resources specifically geared toward first year law students: classroom dynamics, basic legal research, citation style, and the rundown on sources of law. 
  • Coming Soon: OASIS - Sack Modules
    Resources selected and organized with Sack Modules in mind.
  • Exam Success
    Exam preparation and test-taking strategy, exam outlining techniques, practice essay and multiple-choice questions.
  • Hastings Law Librarians 

    Hastings Law Librarians are always willing to assist you. We are available 9-5, Monday through Friday at the reference desk. Please reach out with your question!



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