Academic Success Resources for Students: Study Aids

A list of print and online study aids available through the library

Online Study Aids

Study aids provide black-letter law, case briefs, outlines, and practice exam questions with model answers, and some illustrate legal analysis and problem solving. Print study aids are kept at the circulation desk in the library, and students may borrow them. In addition, the library purchases online access for all students to West and Wolters Kluwer study aids.

LexisNexis Digital Library includes the following series:

  • Questions & Answers
    Hundreds of multiple-choice and short-answer questions help you understand the law and practice analyzing hypotheticals.
  • Understanding
    In-depth analysis of important concepts teach the legal rules and principles in a subject area.

West online study aids include the following series:

  • Follow this link for off-campus access to West Academic Study Aids.
  • Acing
    Comprehensive checklists provide organized and thorough but brief outlines for legal analysis.
  • Black Letter Outlines
    Outlines organize the "black-letter law" to help you organize your notes and readings. 
  • Exam Pro
    Multiple sample exams based on real law-school exams help you practice for your mid-terms and finals. Books titled "essay" provide essay practice questions and model answers. Books titled "objective" comprise multiple-choice exams with detailed explanations of the best answers.
  • Flash Cards
    In multiple-choice or short-answer format, flash cards help you memorize the rules and analyses you'll need for contracts and torts exams.
  • Gilbert Law Summaries
    Comprehensive plain-language discussions of topics, rules, and important cases are organized to guide your analysis of in-class hypotheticals and exam questions. At the end of each book in this series, you will find over 100 true/false, multiple-choice, and essay questions for exam preparation.
  • High Court Case Summaries
    Case briefs present the key facts, issue, holding, and reasoning for important cases in each subject area.
  • Legalines
    Usually keyed to a particular casebook, these study aids provide detailed explanations of commonly-used cases in different courses.
  • Short & Happy Guides
    Clear explanations, logical organization, and mnemonic devices like acronyms, metaphors, and clever images make the subject matter easier to remember.
  • Sum & Substance
    Audio recordings provide clear explanations of the law.

Aspen Learning Center (formerly Wolters Kluwer) hosts the following series:

  • Note: Follow this link for off-campus access to Aspen Learning Center Study Aids.
  • Examples & Explanations
    Accessible and concise explanations of the law with hypothetical examples illustrating its application help you to fully understand how to analyze problems.
  • Emanuel Law Outlines
    Comprehensive outlines organize the black-letter rules, course topics, and frequently-used cases. Legal rules are set forth in plain language. "Quiz Yourself" short-answer and "Essay Q&A" sections help you test your knowledge. "Exam Tips" sections let you know what to look out for on exams and help you spot issues as well as analyze them.
  • Crunch Time
    Geared toward exam preparation, flow charts and capsule summaries of major rules offer a solid grasp of legal analysis. Each book in the series has three sections of practice questions and sample answers at the end: multiple-choice questions with explanations of the best answers; short-answer questions with model answers; and essay questions with sample answers.
  • Friedman's Practice
    Essay and multiple-choice questions mirror real law school exams and allow you to practice issue-spotting and analysis.
  • Glannon Guides
    Clarify your understanding of the law using brief expository summaries of key points of law, fleshed out with multiple choice questions. These guides help you refine your understanding of the law and build your ability to analyze problems.
  • Case Notes Legal Briefs
    Case briefs provide holdings, facts, rulings, and reasoning, as well as summaries of concurrences and dissents for cases that are commonly used in law school courses.
  • Note: Make an personal account in order to highlight and make notes in study aids and save them to your personal bookshelf.

Online Legal Instruction

CALI lessons teach fundamental concepts and include multiple-choice quizzes on first-year and upper-level courses from accounting to patent law to wills and trusts.You can register for an account using your Hastings e-mail and the Hastings student authorization code.

The Law School Legends Audio Series offers streaming lectures for 22 law school topics, including the first-year course of study, and upper-level subjects like administrative law, commercial paper, immigration, professional responsibility, secured transactions, and wills and trusts.

Print Study Aids

The library keeps many print study aids at the Circulation Desk. They can be checked out for up to three hours. The print collection includes select volumes from the following series, and more.

  • Emanuel Outlines: comprehensive outlines and case analysis; capsule summaries; multistate-style exam questions and answers, essay questions and answers
  • Emanuel Crunchtime: flow charts for legal analysis; concise outlines; exam tips; and sample short-answer, multiple choice, and essay questions with answers and explanations
  • Emanuel's Bootcamp for the MBE: concise outlines, examples, test-taking tips, and a section of about 30 multiple-choice questions at the end to test your knowledge.
  • Examples and Explanations: overviews of around 20 areas of law, including hypothetical legal analysis problems with answers and explanations.
  • Gilbert Law Summaries on audio CD covering first year topics
  • Questions & Answers (Q&A): multiple choice and short answer questions, answers and explanations
  • Understanding: concise treatises explaining legal principles with examples that are commonly encountered in class discussions.

Check the catalog to see if we have the print book that you need.