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Racial Justice Research Guide: Critical Race Theory

Selected Monographs

When searching the Library catalog, use these subject headings to uncover resources related to the study of critical race theory.

United States -- Race relations -- Philosophy

Race discrimination -- Law and legislation -- United States

Critical legal studies -- United States

Critical legal studies

Subscription Databases

Select Academic Journals

  • Hastings Race and Poverty Law Journal
    "Hastings Race and Poverty Law Journal (HRPLJ) is committed to promoting and inspiring discourse in the legal community regarding issues of race, poverty, social justice, and the law, as well as addressing disparities in the legal system. We will create an avenue for compelling dialogue on the subject of the growing marginalization of racial minorities and the economically disadvantaged. It is our hope that the legal theories addressed in this journal will prove useful in remedying the structural inequities facing our communities."
  • Rutgers Race & The Law Review
    "Rutgers Race & the Law Review provides a forum for the analysis and discussion of the relationship between race and the law. The idea for the Race Review originated with students at Rutgers School of Law - Newark, who were perplexed by the fact that the school which has a progressive tradition and the largest affirmative action program in the nation, had no law journal specifically devoted to issues of race, ethnicity, and culture. Upon further research and discussion with the faculty, it became clear such a journal would not only be welcomed by the school, but would in fact play a crucial role in creating awareness in the legal community of the interplay between race and the law."
  • Michigan Journal of Race & Law
    "The Michigan Journal of Race & Law is a legal journal that serves as a forum for the exploration of issues relating to race and law. To that end, MJR&L publishes articles, notes, and essays on the cutting edge of civil rights scholarship from a wide variety of scholarly perspectives. MJR&L’s diversity is reflected by the authors with whom we collaborate, ranging from scholars and students to practitioners and social scientists."
  • Journal of Gender, Race & Justice
    "The Journal of Gender, Race & Justice is not for the weak of heart or the timid in spirit. Feminist inquiry and critical race analysis are the touchstones of our endeavor. Our building blocks are new forms of analysis that reach beyond traditional conceptions of legal thought. We challenge our writers, our readers, and ourselves to question who we are and how the law defines us."