Academic Success Resources for Students: Legal Writing

Online Resources for Legal Writing

Examples & Explanations: Legal Writing by Terrill Pollman, et al.

Brush up on the essentials of legal writing, and learn how it is done from concrete and practical examples.This guide includes chapters on fact-based, analogical, and policy analysis, and covers persuasive and objective writing.

A Short & Happy Guide to Legal Writing by Deborah L. Borman

Learn the essentials of creating an objective brief and a persuasive brief and get tips for polish in your legal writing.

Print Resources for Legal Writing

The Elements of Legal Style by Bryan A. Garner

Make your writing more clear, concise, precise and persuasive with this witty and practical guide to legal writing.

Persuasive Written and Oral Advocacy in Trial and Appellate Courts by Michael R. Fontham, et al.

Become a more effective and persuasive advocate with this clear and practical guide to legal argument, with sections on: selecting a theme; using research; honing speaking skills; and more.

Legal Writing Exercises by E. Scott Fruehwald

Develop and polish your legal writing skills with exercises and correct answers using 90 exercises with answers.

Point Made: How to Write Like the Nation's Top Advocates by Ross Guberman

Using the examples of superstar lawyers who successfully briefed and argued major cases, Guberman points out the specific techniques that lead to successful persuasion.