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California Bar Exam: Wills

Wills and Succesion - Scope

Applicants should be familiar with the following provisions of the California Probate Code and understand California law in the specific areas noted:
Division 2. General Provisions
Part 1. Effect of Death of Married Person on Community and Quasi-Community Property, Sections 100-103
Part 3. Contractual Arrangements Relating to Rights at Death, Sections 140-147, 150
Part 5. Simultaneous Death, Sections 220, 222-224
Part 6. Distribution Among Heirs or Beneficiaries, Section 240
Division 6. Wills and Intestate Succession
Part 1. Wills
Chapter 1. General Provisions, Sections 6100, 6101, 6104, 6105
Chapter 2. Execution of Wills, Sections 6110-6113
Chapter 3. Revocation and Revival, Sections 6120, 6121, 6123
Part 2. Intestate Succession, Sections 6400-6402
Part 3. Family Protection
Former Chapter 5. Spouse and Child Omitted from Will, Former Sections 6560-6562, 6570-6573 [for decedents dying prior to January 1, 1998]
Division 11. Construction of Wills, Trusts and Other Instruments
Part 1. Rules of Interpretation of Instruments, Sections 21105, 21109, 21110, 21137
Part 6. Family Protection: Omitted Spouses and Children [for decedents dying on or after January 1, 1998]
Chapter 2. Omitted Spouses, Sections 21610-21612
Chapter 3. Omitted Children, Sections 21620-21623