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California Legislative History Research Guide: Step 4. Analyses

Locate the Assembly File Analyses

Assembly File Analyses: These analyses were prepared by the Assembly Office of Research for both Senate and Assembly Bills through the 1997/98 legislative session (after which the office was closed). Each analysis includes information on committee actions, the proposed fiscal effect of the bill, a short digest, a summary of comments by committee consultants, and an assessment of the effect of the bill. They are available from 1975 through 2002 in the Micrographics Room (KFC20.A7 / cabinet #22). They are arranged by year and bill number.

Locate the Committee and Floor Analyses

Locate the Committee Files

The law library also has the following committee files on microfilm in cabinet 48:

  • Assembly Ways & Means Bill Files 1975-1982 (KFC20 A8 W39)
  • Assembly Ways & Means (Minority) Bill Files 1981-1986 (KFC20 A8 W392)
  • Senate Committee on the Judiciary Files 1969 -1992 (KFC20 S5 J74)
  • Senate Rules Committee Files 1985-1988 (KFC20 S5 R75)
  • Third Reading Analysis (Senate Democratic Caucus) 1975-1984 (KFC20 S5 D56)
  • Third Reading Analysis (Senate Republican Caucus) 1972-1984 (KFC20 S5 R58)