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FAQ: UC Hastings Law Library Frequently Asked Questions: Tech Assistance

This guide will assist you in learning about the UC Hastings Law Library's rules, policies and procedures.

Computer Lab

There is a small student computer lab on the 4th floor of the library with six computer work stations.  Use of these computers is limited to current UC Hastings students.  Students login with their UC Hastings username/password and can save items to their personalized desktop.

Where can get I get help with printing?

Current Hastings Students:

Students will find Xerox multi-function printers (MFPs) on campus at:

  • Library (4th & 5th floors)
  • 333 Golden Gate (various locations)
  • The Tower (Mezzanine & Lobby)

To use the Xerox printers students must:

  • Add money to their student Copying/Printing Account.
  • Use Hastings Email Username and Password to send print jobs to the printer. 
  • Touch Hastings Student ID Card to the printer card reader
  • Select job to send from print queue.

For additional student printing info:

For assistance contact the 1st floor Business Center (200 McAllister room 120):

  • Hours: M - F 8am to 4:30pm (except on College holidays).
  • Ph: (415) 565-4882

Hastings Faculty/Staff:

The Business Center can answer faculty and staff questions about printing including how to set up an account, how to print on colored paper or card stock, or how to print confidential material through the network to the Xerox printers. Printing does not start until you are at the printer and have entered your passcode.

For assistance contact the 1st floor Business Center (200 McAllister room 120):

  • Hours: M - F 8am to 4:30pm (except on College holidays).
  • Ph: (415) 565-4882

General Public:

There are no printing services available for visitors and the general public.

Copying & Scanning

There are Xerox copiers/scanners on the 4th and 5th floor of the library.  The color copier is on the 5th floor.

For assistance contact the 1st floor Business Center (200 McAllister room 120):

  • Hours: M - F 8am to 4:30pm (except on College holidays).
  • Ph: (415) 565-4882

Student Copying/Scanning:

  • Select "copy" at the Xerox printer card reader
  • Touch your Hastings ID Card to the card reader.
  • Select copy or scan

Public Copying/Scanning:

There currently are no copying or scanning services available for non-Hastings visitors.  You must have a current Hastings ID and copying account to scan or print.

Help with Student Email Accounts

Current Hastings students can get help with their email accounts in various ways:

Wireless Access in the Library

  • SecureHastings is the College’s wireless network and extends to most student study areas.  Login with your Hasting Username & Password.
  • Hastingsplay is for personal wireless devices (Xbox, Apple Tv, etc.) that cannot connect to the SecureHastings wireless network. To access and register for the hastingsplay wireless network, log into the Intranet and click and then click on the link entitled “Wireless Devices Register” to attach an Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Game Console or Smart TV to our Internet Connection.
  • HastingsGuest is provided for all visitors of the UC Hastings College of the Law campus for wireless Internet. Password required.
  • Eduroam allows you to Use your UC Hastings Wi-Fi authentication at any eduroam hotspot in the world and join instantly and securely.

More information on the wireless network is available on the IT webpage.

Borrowing Laptops

Students can borrow a laptop computer from the 4th floor Library Circulation Desk for 24-hour checkout.

Can you tell me where the "hidden" power outlets are located?

Most study tables have power connections available for students who wish to use their laptop computers in the library. Power outlets also can be found in the study rooms and in the window seating at the columns. Additional power outlets are located in the 4th Floor Reading Room by the McAllister Street window. They are located between the window and the back edge of the counter.

Laser Pointers

Students can borrow laser pointers from the 4th floor Library Circulation Desk.


Can I Borrow an iPhone Charger?

Students can borrow an iPhone charger at the 4th floor Library Circulation Desk.

iPhone Charger

Video Adapters

Students can borrow various video adaptors at the 4th floor Library Circulation Desk.

video adapter

USB Adapters

Students can borrow USB Adapters from the 4th floor Library Circulation Desk.

USB Adapter

Powerpoint Clickers

There are several Powerpoint Clickers that students can borrow at the 4th floor Library Circulation Desk.

Powerpoint Clicker

IT HelpDesk

Current Hastings students can get IT help in various ways:

  • Help Desk Webpage
  • 4th floor Rm 440 Help Desk
  • Call 415/565-4625

Library WebMaster

If you have questions or comments about the library website, contact the library webmaster at

Lexis / Westlaw

How do I get my Lexis and Westlaw passwords?

First year students receive their Lexis and Westlaw IDs at the first day of law school orientation and are trained in computer assisted legal research during the first semester. LL.M. students receive Lexis and Westlaw passwords during orientation.

Where are the Lexis and Westlaw printers?

Lexis printers and printouts can be found in the Library on the 4th floor.

Westlaw no longer offers free student printing.

What should I do if I forget my Lexis or Westlaw password?

If you've forgotten your Lexis password, contact Lexis or the Hastings Lexis representative.

If you've forgotten your Westlaw username or password contact Westlaw:

EdTech Center

The EdTech Center on the 4th floor of the Library is a video recording studio for Hastings faculty.