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Japanese Law Research Guide: Lexis, Westlaw & Bloomberg

Resources for researching Japanese legal issues and topics.

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Lexis - Research Basics

Lexis Advance: Japan News and Legal Analysis

Lexis Advance does not have many resources for providing legal and business analysis for Japan.  The best Lexis Advance resources available on Japanese Law are:

There are Japanese news sources and a limited number of Japanese secondary law sources available on Lexis. They can be found by following these paths:

  • Browse > Sources > By Jurisdiction > International > Jurisdiction "Asia" > Jurisdiction "Japan"
  • Select Content Type tab > News > International By Country > Japan 
  • Select International tab > View All Countries > Japan

The main Japanese law and news resources available are Lexis are:

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Westlaw - Research Basics

Westlaw - Practice Oriented Resources:

The Practical Law resources on Westlaw offer a rich collection of up-to-date in-depth business law and litigation content including Practice Notes, Standard Documents and Clauses, Checklists, Toolkits, Legal Updates, Country-by-Country Legal Research Guidance, Country Comparison Tools, and Subject Specific Practice Resources.

There are several ways to locate Japanese legal resources in Practical Law:

  • Select Cross-Border Resources > then select Country Q&A Comparison Tool (Start Comparing)
  • Select Cross-Border Resources > then select a Global Guide by subject > then Apply Filter to limit to Japan
  • Select Cross-Border Resources > then select Cross-Border Topics > then Apply Filter to limit to Japan
  • Select International Arbitration > then select countries > Japan
  • Change the region to Global > then select All Countries > then select Japan > then select Country Q&A topic
  • Change the region to Global > then select All Countries > then select Japan > then select All japan Resources
  • Change the region to UK > then select International > then select Japan

Practical Law also provides access to Doing Business in Japan (2018) covering foreign investment, corporate structure, employment law, taxes, customs, and competition rules.

Westlaw - Japan News & Legal Analysis:

Westlaw contains a limited number of resources covering Japanese news and law.

- There are some Japan news sources including Japan Times.

- There are a few journals focusing on the Japanese legal system.  You can locate articles about Japanese law by searching the "Secondary Sources" section.

- The best resources with legal analysis of Japanese law will be located by selecting the "International Materials" link and then "Treatises". 

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Bloomberg Law / Bloomberg BNA - Research Basics

Bloomberg Law & Bloomberg BNA:

Bloomberg Law contains a limited amount of legal analysis of Japanese legal issues.  But the database does include excellent news resources

Bloomberg Law provides access to resources such as:

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