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Transitioning from Scientist to Lawyer: Websites, Publications, & Podcasts

Resources for students enrolled in the MSL program for health and science professionals.

Websites, Publications, & Podcasts

Science to Law - site devoted to helping scientists transition to a career in law

Scientist Lawyers - article about law jobs for scientists

Turning Points: Changing Your Career from Science to Patent Law - $3.95 Amazon ebook

In Person: A Career in Biotech Patent Law - online article from Science magazine

Swapping the Lab for the Law - online article from Nature magazine

Transitions: From PhD to Patent Attorney - blog posting on soapboxscience, a blog

Have a Science Degree? Become a Patent Lawyer - 2007 New York Times article

Careers in Health Law and Life Sciences - online guide published by the American Health Lawyers Association

Careers in IP Law: Avenues and Opportunities - 2013 book available in the Law Library

Starting an IP Law Practice: Critical Questions to Ask Yourself - 2012 book available in the Law Library

Science at the Bar: Law, Science, and Technology in America - discusses the intersections of science and law

How to Kick Off a Successful Health Law Career - law student podcast from the ABA Health Law section

Health Law: The Big Picture - law student podcast that discusses what health law is and some of the practice areas within health law