Academic Success Resources for Students: First-Year Students

Resources to help law students succeed, including preparing for class, legal research and citation, and 1L exam preparation.

Recommended resources for your first year of law school

Understand the difference between primary and secondary sources. Learn about cases, statutes, regulations, secondary sources, and more.

Find resources that provide support and survival skills for your entire first year and beyond. Learn to use your time efficiently and keep your eyes on the prize. Also, learn to be effective and proactive while coping with stress.

Feel confident in class and learn to navigate the Socratic method. Get step-by-step directions about how to prepare for class, take notes, and incorporate your notes into your course outline.

Get the basics of what you'll need to know in your first year to successfully navigate your legal research and writing course.

Here is help for citing to primary authority or anything else. Get a firm grasp on Bluebook and California Style Manual citation styles.

 Prepare for your exams through outlining, study, and practice questions. All the resources you need for the exam preparation are here.